How to Upload Google Resources to ANY Distance Learning Platform

Want to use resources designed for Google Drive on a different distance learning platform?

Maybe your school uses Microsoft Teams, Canvas, NearPod, Edmodo, or SeeSaw.

One of my most asked questions is “can I use your product on _______?” (insert Microsoft Teams, Canvas, NearPod, Edmodo, Schoology, or SeeSaw here).

Guess what?

The answer is YES!

Below, find the distance learning platform that your school uses and read how to upload Glitter in Third Google Drive resources to it.

Any distance learning platform that allows you to upload a PowerPoint will allow you to use a Glitter in Third digital resource with students!

Google vocabulary:

Google Drive: a cloud-based file cabinet for your digital files. Within this are the following creation tools:

  • Google Slides: equivalent to PowerPoint
  • Google Docs: equivalent for Microsoft Word
  • Google Sheets: equivalent to Excel
  • Google Forms: equivalent for Survey Monkey

Google Classroom: a way to make your students and classwork more organized (allows teachers to create classes, collect/grade assignments, communicate with students). This is similar to Edmodo or Canvas)

Need more activities for your distance learning platform?

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Glitter in Third on TPT has hundreds of digital activities for every distance learning platform, including:

If you are looking for something specific, feel free to email me at I’d love to give you recommendations and help you find the perfect resource for your needs and students.

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