Guy Plans Weekend Trip Without Researching The Airbnb He Booked For It, His Girlfriend Ends Up Needing An Emergency Midnight Shower

Most folks avoid making mistakes like they would avoid getting in the way of a runaway tire during a Nascar show. What most folks don’t keep in mind though is that, one, mistakes are inevitable, and, two, they make for good stories.

The best of them—and the ones the protagonists can now laugh about—often end up on r/TIFU, a dedicated hub for stories of epic failure that can now only serve as a learning experience and as entertainment.

And, oh boy, do we have something juicy for you today.

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Now, if you really gotta go, you gotta go, no matter where the toilet is

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But sometimes it doesn’t pan out that way, and you gotta go in a way that ends up going everywhere and then you need a surprise shower at 2AM


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And it wouldn’t have happened (probably) if the poster just read the darned Airbnb description, and made sure all bathroom facilities are where they’re supposed to be

This is a bit of a risqué story, so keep that in mind if you’re faint of heart. Or faint of bodily fluids. Not those, the others.

Long story short, OP and his then fiancee are avid travelers, and they planned a weekend trip to Puerto Rico. OP found a cheap Airbnb for $30 with good reviews in what he thought was a good part of San Juan. That was mistake number one (yes, there was more).

As they arrive, they immediately understand they were on the wrong side of the tracks. The Kingdom of Loathing kind. But that’s just the beginning.

Once they arrive, they understand their mistake number two, which was not reading the Airbnb description before booking. Sure, they only need a place for the night and $30 isn’t too much to spend on an Airbnb, despite saying it “smells like homicide.” But that’s not where the problem was.

The problem was OP had a habit of waking up sometime during the night for a quick bathroom break. And because this was a 70-square-foot affair (6.5 square meters), it didn’t have bathroom facilities inside. They were actually detached from the premises and found one floor above, requiring a stroll through the outside area.

And just as it was prophesied in the chronicles, come 2AM, OP needs to have a wee. His fiancee suggested doing the “bottle method.” No introduction necessary, I assume? Well, he did it as he couldn’t hold it in any more, nor did he want to risk going outside the house during a storm in a shady neighborhood during the night.

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So far, so good. Relatively speaking. Except when it wasn’t good any more. The combination of no windows plus the lights were turned off, no bottle cap for a bottle now full of inconvenience, which OP wanted to stash under the bed, but then he stepped on a plug from a curling iron, and the sudden foot pain shock led to a sudden jerk in the remainder of his body. Including his hands. Which held a bottle of pee. That was flung at his fiancee.

Now they definitely needed to go to the bathroom. Both of them. You can fill in the gaps. “She is still moving forward with the wedding, I’m a lucky guy,” concluded OP.

And it just wouldn’t be the internet if it weren’t for folks having a good chuckle at this whole situation. A situation that was upvoted nearly 20,000 times.

All commenter worry about OP’s bladder situation aside (it’s fine, by the way), folks were commenting on everything from the grammar to wanting OP’s username to questioning OP’s decisions in life, especially the whole 5-star reviews thing, which I think it’s safe to justify as a TIFU moment.

Whatever the case, the post got quite a bit of attention, and you can check out all of this attention right here. But before you march on to your next quest in this vast internetscape that we call Bored Panda, be sure to check out the comment section below and leave your TIFU shenanigans there.

But commenters sure got a good kick out of it, netting the post nearly 20K upvotes along the way

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