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Distance Learning Back to School All About Me Template

AHHH … back-to-school season. Fresh crayons, all about me template activities, icebreakers. But … what does back-to-school look like when many educators and students are not going back?

Back-to-school this year feels different than years before – because it is different. It’s okay to feel anxious and nervous about how the school year will look. 

Many schools have already said they are starting off with virtual learning. If this is the case for you, I have an All About Me template activity that you can use during the distance learning back-to-school season to create a classroom community – even without having a physical classroom!

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all about me activitiesHow do I use this all about me template?

1: Assign to students.

2: Students will pick a color and fill out.

Students will insert a photo of themselves, or draw it with the toolbar. They will also fill out all their favorite things and what they are looking forward to.

3: Copy and paste each template into a new Google Slideshow.

4: Assign new Google Slideshow to students.

5: Students will go on a virtual gallery walk.

Students can comment on one another’s All About Me activities. This will foster relationships and create a classroom community feel – even from behind a computer screen!

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If you are looking for something specific, feel free to email me at I’d love to give you recommendations and help you find the perfect resource for your needs and students.

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