For the pleasure of writing to a friend | Brief letters

Letter-writing | Royal landlords | Pet names | Low letterboxes | Breakfast pie

Re “A moment that changed me” (10 May), Alison Hitchcock’s letters to her friend Brian after he’d been diagnosed with cancer mirror my own experience. In 2016, I wrote to my cousin Shirley, 82, an English graduate who was in hospital, hoping that her daughter would read my letter out to her. Shirley recovered and began to reply. I continued to write fortnightly and am now approaching letter number 195. This correspondence has given us both a great deal of pleasure – and has certainly improved my grammar.
Tom Whitehead
Kendal, Cumbria

• The “feudal” system of leaseholds is not to be abolished, announces Downing Street (Report, 10 May) – five days after the coronation of a major landlord. Coincidence, obviously.
David Duell

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