Eight Great Careers and Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents to Consider Getting Into

Stay-at-home parenting isn’t easy. The choice to do so will always be one that financially constrains the household, but the reasons for doing so can be complex, and clearly, in the early years of your children’s lives, you’ll want to be there, present for as much of the time as possible.

Being a stay-at-home parent is clearly not a task one takes lightly, and the decision to change your approach to your work/life balance may be based on a number of factors. If this is something you are considering or are already in the full swing of things, then you may, in all likelihood, still be looking to secure some form of revenue to keep things ticking along in your household.

Perhaps you are a single parent, and therefore the constraints upon you are even tighter, or perhaps there are two of you, and even if the salary coming in from your partner, you are still struggling to make ends meet. In any case, working from home has undoubtedly become an easier and more accessible option for us all.

In the internet age, it is increasingly easier to earn money from home at hours of the day that are outside the typical nine-to-five existence.

Here are eight potential jobs that could be both financially rewarding and a possible step towards a whole new career.

Whatever Your Day Job Is, Freelance It

Perhaps you’ve been employed in the same industry or market for a number of years, and now that you have a young family, you might want that flexibility that comes from being your own boss.

Of course, it very much depends on your field of expertise, but maybe now is the time to go it alone. Start putting out the feelers and consider freelancing as an option. This will give you a chance to set your own schedules.

Obviously, there is a certain amount of fear associated with such a move, and that’s understandable. Freelance work can be patchy and unpredictable, but the upsides are numerous. Firstly you can set your own hours and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you get to be your own boss!

Open a YouTube Channel

This isn’t necessarily a revenue stream that is going to make massive sums of money, but it is still an option to consider, especially if you have experience in social media production and publishing.

The costs associated with getting started are low, and you can offset some aspects, like the music you might use, by looking at financial shortcuts, like using YouTube royalty-free music for your posts and videos.

Online Teacher or Tutor

We all have a skill. Something we can impart to the world, and now you can easily get the message across while you are at home. Maybe it’s a language, an activity, or a trade; the point is, now that your days may be spent chasing after your child, your evenings could be used to earn some extra cash teaching.

You can either choose to go it alone, in which case you’ll need to put in a lot of hard work building up your client base, or via a third-party service, in which case you may lose a chunk of your earnings to the provider, but that may still be the sensible route to take, at least initially.

Call Center Operator

The great thing about working within the call center market is that the hours are always very flexible, which makes this job perfect for stay-at-home parents. The positions don’t usually require experience, and the pay is okay, and it’s something that isn’t particularly challenging, especially if you are an outgoing person and a good talker.


Do you have an eye for detail? Do you notice mistakes when you peruse a menu at a restaurant? Are you someone who is a stickler for grammar? Then a proofreader position could be ideal.

Most of the work in this field is project-based, and that way, it’s easier to schedule according to your lifestyle.

Start a Blog

If you have something you are passionate about or a talent that you want to share, then starting a blog is not only a fun, creative avenue to consider, but it’s also one that can help earn you some extra dollars.

The associated costs with getting your blog off the ground are pretty low, but it will take a lot of hard work before things start to pay off. For this reason, you need to make sure that the subject matter of your blog is something you are obsessed with; otherwise, the novelty may wear off very quickly indeed.

Your blog might even be about being a stay-at-home parent!

Virtual Assistant

This is certainly a role that’s very popular right now, and there are many opportunities out there, and it’s the kind of position that suits many stay-at-home parents.

Essentially a virtual assistant works as an administrative helper for an individual or business, and much of what you’ll be taken care of will be pretty basic. From fielding calls, organizing files, managing diaries, and a whole lot of data entry-type tasks, a virtual assistant is very much a jack of all trades.

Life Coach

Do you think you can aid the personal development of others? Are you great at motivating and encouraging people? Do you have a lot of knowledge about HR and career opportunities? If so, being a life coach may work for you.

Perhaps prior to becoming a stay-at-home parent, you worked in a high-powered job or perhaps across many industries and senior positions, in which case your experience in the world of work may be more in line with this position.

You’ll have to start by getting relevant qualifications before you can take this route, but it’s one that does pay well once you are certified.

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