Does sociability quality of web-based collaborative learning information system influence students’ satisfaction and system usage?

Maimoona Salam, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, May 11, 2020

This article employs the concept of 'sociability quality' to assess the 'service quality' of information systems. "In a collaborative learning environment, it's social functionalities or sociability quality, allows students to interact, not only to absorb information in a deliberate manner, but it also enables them to attentively ponder, participate, discuss and share their ideas with others" (sic; the paper could really have used an editor for language and grammar). The concept of 'service quality' is taken from DeLone & McLean and explains "the cognitive and behavioral facets, of the system's post-adoption (i.e. after acceptance of system) stage, system use and system success." The article reports on a (small) empirical study showing "sociability quality has a direct positive impact on the system use and overall user satisfaction, along with a strong indirect impact on the net benefits of the (learning information system)." I like the concept of the paper (which is why it's here) but, as suggested above, it really could have been edited for length, content, and quality.

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