Crayola, Papermate, Sharpie – oh my! Never Fear your 4th grade teacher supply list is here

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So you’re a fourth grade teacher? Or upper elementary? Maybe it’s your first classroom….moving to new school… grade level… state? Whether you’ve been in 4th grade for long or not, let’s dive in to what you really need. Make sure to read ALL the way through for some great FREE ideas!

Going straight off my own classroom experience combined national standards let’s look at what EXACTLY you could use and need to help your 4th grade students succeed with a fourth grade teacher supply list- What every 4th grade teacher needs to have!

The Basics Teacher Supplies:

These are ones every teacher needs no matter what grade level. I have found that brand names really do matter – quality is an issue!

Your 4th Grade Reading Supplies

These ELA supplies pair so well with standards set out for your students. Double check your state but see if any of these work and how you can easily incorporate into your fourth grade classroom.

This Infographic Book (which I wrote all about HERE!)

So great as a stand alone center option that is self checking! A truly MUST HAVE 4th grade supply!

Flashlights may seem like an odd choice but a favorite of all reading is Flashlight reading! Cheap and lasts all year this really sparked up our Fridays. Silent reading was “revered” during these days. A very powerful ELA tool if you ask me!

Poetry – used to be tough to teach…how do I get the rigor I need when I only loved “fun” poetry! THIS. IS. IT!

Digging so deep with poetry has improved my students comprehension and skill level way beyond! This resource is essential for a Poetry unit and test prep!

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Color Coding – A MUST! For different units, types of reading etc…I had to stay organized. Labeling was helpful but color coding by folders with the extras I found was important and made it much easier to find later!

Fourth Grade Science Supplies!

I SUPER love teaching science! The wonder, the aha moments, the explanation and how things work is SO phenomenal. Check out my favorite supplies to make science come alive for your students.

Playdoh – Yes, it is awesome for 4th grade! Modeling rocks, weathering, adaptations, experiments and more.

I love using this to help reinforce vocabulary. It is such a hit anytime it is brought out and treated with WAY MORE respect than younger students tend to.

If you teach circuits in fourth grade, ADD TO CART! Circuits used to intimidate me, but Snap Circuits made it so easy and then I felt more comfortable and it became of my favorites to teach. See all my Circuit Stations HERE!

Race Cars EASIEST way to teach forces (at first!).

Force, speed, energy and physical science concepts need to be modeled and Hot Wheels is a great way to start + you can use it for 1,000 of different experiments.

Borrow from your own kids or grab from an elementary classroom but great hands on practice!

4th Grade Grammar/Writing Supplies

Get your students ENGAGED in grammar and writing with fun tie-ins to make this content come alive. Here are some of my absolute favorite supplies to make this a topic students LOVE!

Candy! A not so secret weapon.

A student favorite (and fourth grade teacher favorite!) was our persuasive writing unit each year. We’d write to candy companies to suggest a change (flavor, shape, size, combination) using typed letters. Candy always kicked off this unit!

**Yes, we did actually mail them. Yes, we did actually get mail back!!**

I actually love teaching quotation marks and dialogue. We use these fun animal pictures to kick off our unit and write in quotes for animals!

These are a HIT! and we turn this into a ELA center as well and continue to practice this tough skill all year long!

Surgical Supplies?! One of my favorite transformations was Grammar Surgery – It was a great day focusing on all topics we had learned all year!

This one definitely goes down in memory books. Check out all the FREE parts to make this happen in your OWN classroom!

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