Count on Duolingo for flexible language learning this school year

Count on Duolingo for flexible language learning this school year

We're at the end of a summer unlike any other, and parents are already facing an uncertain fall with plans for school tenuous and unclear. Since families are without stability or childcare for a while longer, this blog post offers ideas for families looking for ways to support their children, no matter how the school year unfolds.

Duolingo for learning at home

Duolingo is used and loved by over 300 million language learners across the globe because we make learning a new language fun and accessible — every course and every lesson is totally free. We also offer 39 different languages, so if your child studies it, we probably teach it!

You can create a new account and start learning today by clicking here! Duolingo is available on our website and through our app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can start right from the beginning with the basics, so even if your student has never studied a language before, Duolingo will take their hand! Kids who know some of the language already can take a short placement test, which will let them skip to the right level.

Our language courses are made up of bite-sized lessons and tips about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Lessons are designed to be completed just a little at a time, whenever and however works for you. As fun as Duolingo is, our teaching method is also proven to work. Our courses are created by language and teaching experts to meet an international language learning standard -- in fact, a recent study shows that the beginner material on Duolingo teaches as much as four semesters of university language classes!

Count on Duolingo for flexible language learning this school year

Use Duolingo lessons to keep up language learning

Completing a few lessons each day is a great way to keep up your child's language learning, whether they're in an in-person or virtual setting. Duolingo is effective on its own, as your own personal tutor, too! Getting in front of the language consistently, no matter the method, is crucial for learning, so Duolingo works great to support learning even if our curriculum is different from your student's. Variety is really beneficial for well-rounded learning!

There are lots of ways to learn with Duolingo, from working on new lessons to engaging with interactive Stories and reading our carefully-crafted language Tips. Check out more ideas here about how your child can adapt lessons to their ability and preferences. You'll also find clever ways to practice language even when not on a device!

Learners especially enjoy our interactive Stories. These short stories are made especially for language learners, and they get more challenging as you get further in the course to match your progress! Stories get learners in front of fun, silly dialogues so they can hear and read the language in realistic contexts. Stories are available for learners studying Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, and they're also in many courses for English learners!

Keep learning manageable for you and your child

Don't let language learning become a frustration! With a little planning and creativity, language learning can be really fun for your child (and for you — promise!). Read here about ideas for keeping you and your student motivated, especially since schedules and reopening plans are unpredictable right now.

  • Focus on setting meaningful, personal goals for your child based on their interests.
  • Build language time into your child's regular habits and schedule.
  • Make language learning fun and social by including a variety of ways to practice.

Count on Duolingo for flexible language learning this school year

Make your child's learning personal

There are many benefits to adding variety and personality to your child's learning routine! First, of course, is that it's great for learning: getting some practice with listening, some with speaking, some with writing, etc, gives your child well-rounded exposure to the language. Encouraging creative projects in the language engages kids of all ages, helps them feel invested in the language, and might even pull them away from their screens. And last, but certainly not least, putting learning activities into your student's hands could free up your own hands while they get to work (🙌).

In addition to the ideas above about adapting lessons to your child's abilities, here are even more creative, hands-on activities designed for learners of all ages as part of our virtual language learning summer camp. These ideas can be repeated, adapted, and mixed in with daily Duolingo lessons!

Language learning for all contexts

Duolingo offers a suite of language learning tools that you and your family can adapt to your own, personal learning situation this fall. We're committed to making learning fun and free for learners of all ages, levels, and school situations, so sign up here today. You can count on us!