82 Hilarious Comments And Drawings Left By Teachers On Tests

Just the idea of getting a test back might fill you with an unexpected wave of dread. Even if you have been out of school for a while, some deep, buried memory might flare up, wedding shivers down your spine and digging a pit in your stomach. Some teachers do their best to inject a bit of humor into the situation by adding some comments, jokes, and even drawings to the tests we would prefer to throw out.

Fortunately, all these pieces of teacher creativity have been immortalized by the camera and the internet. So get comfortable, don’t focus on the test questions too much, and scroll through this list of what must be dubbed “teacher humor.” Be sure to upvote your favorites and comment your own experiences below. 

#1 My High School English Teacher Posted This On Facebook Today

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#2 My Calculus Teacher Bombed My Golf Course On My Test

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#3 This Teacher

As much as we might have dreaded the exams of our youth, as usual, our early contemporaries had it worse. Take China, for example. The Imperial examination, or kējǔ (meaning, less grandly, "subject recommendation,") was a pre-Medieval set of exams that potential bureaucrats and state servants had to take. Candidates were practically locked in a compound for multiple days to prevent cheating. At least they were allowed to bring snacks and a chamber pot.

The whole event was so serious that candidates who died would have their corpses physically thrown out of the compound. While it’s unclear how often this actually happened, it seems that the stress and time requirements of the test must have claimed at least a few victims. Even if you were relatively healthy, there were other potential risks. The exam required direct, exact knowledge of Chinese classics. A misquote could get you disqualified

#4 A Friend Of Mine Is Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

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#5 Bless This Teacher

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#6 Student Puts "#yolo" On A Test. This Is The Response From The Teacher

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Europeans took a bit of a while to catch up. The University of Bologna is considered the longest still operational university in the world and there is some evidence that they had semi-formal examinations in the 12th century. Otherwise, European examinations were sporadic and not really unified, and only by the 18th century did the idea become more commonly practiced across multiple educational institutions, much to the continuous sorrow of most students.

#7 My Cousin Is A Teacher And Posted This Today

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#8 Brother Of A Friend Turned In This "One-Page Essay" Thinking He Had Beat The System. Teacher Had Fun With It

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#9 So My Algebra Teacher Is A Huge LOTR Fan. So To Add To His Collection... I Got Him The Stamp To Rule Them All

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Only in the 19th century, in British-ruled India of all places, did the idea of a mass, standardized competency exam reemerge. Since then it has been applied everywhere from civil service to grade schools. And if the ABCD-F grading system also creates some degree of revulsion, you can place the blame squarely on Mount Holyoke College of Massachusetts. While still common in the US, most places use a numeric system that is more intuitive and easy to calculate. 

#10 I Mean Whatever Works

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#11 This Teacher

#12 This Student Forgot To Draw The Tail

Many of the drawings and comments here are more of a response to a somewhat desperate, similar drawing by a student. More enterprising students will, instead, cheat and probably try to draw, literally and figuratively, as little attention as they can to their answers. We all know the classic cheat sheets, smuggling in a phone, or some elaborate Morse code system that two or more students might employ. In countries spanning multiple time zones, Like Russia, or areas with standardized testing, like Singapore and the UK (and Hong Kong, back in the day,) where students “ahead” of others' time zones would just send images of the exam to later time zones. 

#13 I Have A Tradition With My Teacher To Draw Each Other Memes On Exams So Here Is Another One

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#14 As An 8th To 9th-Grade Science Teacher, I Noticed My Students Would Draw A Lot On Their Papers. Anytime I Came Across A Drawing, I Added Something To It

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#15 My English Teacher Noticed My Drawing So I Noticed His

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Setting aside cheating, the images, if not the direct content here is probably familiar to many. Math questions, essays. The multiple-choice seems like an oasis among these options. Just sit down and pick the one that seems the closest. Often, people report the idea that your instincts will guide you on a multiple-choice section. This is statistically false. While we all can remember one of those times we changed a correct answer to a wrong one, studies show that generally we do better on the second pass, it’s only those painful memories that distort our thinking. 

#16 Why Are There Rings On Saturn?

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#17 Not Even Frustration Deserves To Be Lackluster

#18 I Drew A Rage Comic Face On An Ap Calculus Test. She "Corrected" It

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The other reason many of us felt some comfort in multiple-choice sections is the knowledge that one could still guess and hope for the best. Unfortunately, those dastardly pedagogical specialists have developed grading systems where the “score is reduced by the number of wrong answers divided by the average number of possible answers for all questions in the test.” In other words, no more easy points by just guessing. 

#19 Ripped A Hole In My Math Test. This Is What My Teacher Drew

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#20 Hilarious Pictures Drawn On Homework or Exams Make Grading Less Terrible For Your TA

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#21 Touché To My Physics Teacher

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#22 Drew This On The Back Of A Quiz I Took. My Teacher Responded

Student: "The rent is too damn high."

Teacher: "The quiz scores in this class are too damn low."

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#23 A Teacher Who Made This Kid's Day

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#24 I Was Asked To Define "Washback" For A Class And I Drew This For The Answer. I Love My Teacher's Response

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#25 This Teacher Knows Memes

#26 My Son's Teacher Is Proud Of Me

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#27 Agent P(Oints)

#28 Funny Biology Teacher Is Funny

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#29 One Of My Students Gave Me No Data On Their Assessment. I Gave Them Something As A Present

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#30 My Roommate Is A Teacher. This Is How He Graded This 10th-Grader's Math Test

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#31 My Girlfriend's Mom Is An Elementary School Teacher. This Was An Answer On A Spelling Test She Was Grading

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#32 Cheaters Never Win... Unless They Follow This Advice

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#33 I Forgot How To Do A Problem On My Chem Final So I Drew A Picture And My Instructor Responded With This


"-007, go complete the objective.

-Yes, sir"

"I have no idea how to do this..."

The teacher's response says: "Just ask for pity points. You can trust me. (Uh oh she's a spy. Never listen to the lead female character Bond. It's always a trap.)"

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#34 Well It Was Worth A Try

The teacher's response says: "Apparently, your ninja needed more training (+ you needed more study). This is a real ninja. "

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#35 Cute Giraffe Drawing

#36 Back In High School, My Friend Got This Back From Her AP Teacher

It says: "I'm too old to read this. What grade do you want?"

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#37 When You Try To Be Funny But Your Teacher Counters Back

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#38 My Chemistry Teacher Thought My Drawing Was Funny

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#39 The Compliment My Little Brother Got From His Teacher After Some Sentences

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#40 I Wrote A Joke On The Back Of My Chemistry Exam, And The Teacher Replied With Her Own Joke

The comment says: "I would tell you a joke about noble gases, but I’m afraid there would be no reaction."

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#41 Math Problem Solved

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#42 My Friend Got An Answer Completely Wrong On Our Chem Quiz And The Teacher Drew This On His Paper

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#43 Wrote A Note To My Teacher On A Test I Failed. Her Response

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#44 I Am A Teacher, And The Quietest Kid In Class Just Became The Most Brutal One

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#45 This Teacher Knows What’s Important

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#46 I Took A Test That I Did Not Know Much About, I Drew A Ninja And A Giraffe To Try And Protect My Grade. This Was My Teacher's Response

The comment says:

"This samurai killed your ninja, therefore disarmed your weak defenses. (P.S. Your family was honored by your heroic, yet vain attempt to thwart my power)."

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#47 My Teacher Drew Me This When I Called A Quiz A Test

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#48 My AP World History Teacher Gave Me Credit For An Answer On A Test

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#49 Comment From Physics Professor On Test

The comment says: "The faceless miner rejoiced in his discovery. Now I can get some legs that are as long as my arms."

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#50 My Math Teacher Has A Stamp Of His Face That He Uses On People’s Tests If They Do Well

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#51 My Teacher's Response To The Picture I Drew On A Test

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#52 This Teacher's Correction To My Daughter's Test Is Pretty Funny

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#53 Awesome Teacher Response On Test

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#54 My Friend's Son Had To Write 2 Sentences For Homework

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#55 We Asked Our Biology Teacher For The Funniest Answer Someone Has Put On A Test, We Were Not Disappointed

The teacher's comment says: "Impress her by talking about how atmospheric nitrogen can be used to age artifacts. Works for me every time - Mr. J"

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#56 Seniors Post This Message On Their Teacher's Door. End Up Looking Stupid

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#57 My Friend Doodled On An Assignment, The Teacher Had A Question

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#58 I'd Mark That Correct

It says: "Give the man a bonus point or the stick figure gets it!! Please do what he says". The teacher's comment says: "I don't negotiate with terrorists".

#59 I Correct My Science Teacher A Lot, This Is What I Said For My Test Extra Credit

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#60 Someone Decided It Would Be Funny To Draw Male Genitalia On My Homework. I Had To Turn It In Regardless. This Is How My Teacher Returned It To Me

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#61 My Cousin Is A School Teacher And Just Graded This Test From Her Student. She Still Gave Him Credit For The Answer

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#62 It's Not Enough To Melt This Teacher's Heart

It says: "The panda will cry if I get a bad grade (just keep that in mind, do it for the panda)".

The teacher's comment says: "Boo hoo. Cheer him up by studying for the final".

#63 This Comment

#64 10th-Grade English Teachers Really Have It Rough

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#65 My Sister's Professor Gave Her A Basic Grammar Test, And She Had Some Fun With It

So my sister's first-year college professor gave her a "basic grammar" exam and she wrote this. Our family loves the movie "Kicking & Screaming", and that's what those references are from. So now you know.

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#66 My Kid's Teacher Is Apparently Okay With His Wild Answers On Spelling Tests

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#67 My Friend Is A 2nd-Grade Teacher. She Recently Gave Her Students A Spelling Test

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#68 Teachers Can Draw On Tests Too

The comment says:

"This legion believes the data was gathered in two trials...  A legion of Romans... Not sure this helps."

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#69 After Getting A C On A Test, I Found My Teacher's Comment Ironic

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#70 Math Teacher Has A Rubber Stamp Of His Own Face That He Uses To Grade Tests

The comment says: "You can make up a random answer here and use it for part B so you get that part right!"

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#71 My Brother's Math Test

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#72 I Like Drawing Pictures On The Back Of My Tests, This Is What My Science Teacher Wrote On My Last Test

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#73 Please Don't Draw Hellspawn On Your Paper

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#74 A Little Late Posting This But This Is What My Teacher Writes My Grade As On My Test Before The Super Bowl

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#75 My Friend Is A First Year Teacher And Showed Me This Student's Answer On A Test

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#76 Just Got This Test Back, My Teacher Is Amazing

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#77 My Aunt's A Math Teacher. This Is A Test She Graded Before The Long Weekend

The comments say:

1. "Is the original question an equation or an expression?"
2. "You are a character - so funny! Be sure to make corrections".

Image credits: TheDevynapse

#78 I Don't Think My Calculus Teacher Was Pleased With My Response To Her Test Questions

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#79 I Decided To Test My Math Teacher's Levels Of Awesomeness With My Math Homework And This Is What I Got

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#80 My Sister Is An English Teacher And Graded This Test Today. In Fairness, It's Ended A Lot Of Relationships

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#81 This Teacher Giving Out Advice

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#82 My Teacher's Little Positive Comments In Between Her Notes Really Keep Me Motivated

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