5 Free Classes: Homeschool Spanish!

Free for HEAV Members

Looking for a quality (yet not boring) video homeschool Spanish program?
Look no further! No need to devote a fortune to a program you’re not sure about. You can achieve your goals one lesson at a time from a quality, trusted source. Señora Gose has taught more than a thousand students how to become proficient in Spanish comprehension, speaking, grammar, literature, and culture.

Now—you, too, can enjoy her classes on any device you like for just $10 per lesson. You can follow the theme-based lessons in order—or choose your lessons based on the theme your child will enjoy most. Just do one or do them all.

The whole family can view and enjoy the printouts. The focus ages for these videos (including the packets) is ages 8 to 14, but all ages will benefit. (Please do not share videos or files outside of your immediate family.)

Each Weekly Video Lesson Includes:

  • Printable Activities Coded by Age
  • Video Lesson (“Class time”)
  • Vocabulary Practice Video (We call them Vocab Labs)
  • Homework/Review Video
SGSG Flip Flop Spanish Video Class - Senora Gose

Classes Begin July 27!

HOW TO SIGN UP through two options.

This $10/lesson series is FREE for HEAV members.
 Just go to your member benefits page to get your coupon code.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to snag your coupon code from your member benefits page to register free!

Not an HEAV member yet?Join TODAY for $45. Enjoy this class for FREE and take advantage of HEAV member benefits all year long. (Plus, you’ll support a worthy cause.)

Access to Free Video Lessons of Homeschool Spanish

You’ll want to view one lesson at a time, and then complete the appropriate daily assignments for that lesson. Pick and choose the best fits for your student(s). When completed, the next lesson is ready for you. Lesson videos are accessible for a full five weeks after purchase, for multiple viewings.

(HEAV members: Your code will work five times, giving you access to your choice of five lessons.)

Still on the Fence?

Check Out a Free Demo! Just add the intro and demo lesson to your cart to see how Spanish Geniuses works!

Homeschool Geniuses Juniors - Suzanne Gose Headshot 2020 - Homeschool Spanish
Señora Gose

About Senora Gose
Senora Gose is a certified schoolteacher who thrived on teaching before we began our family. She stayed home with her first born and missed teaching so much, I reached out to the local community to host a small Spanish class. After that initial email, she received 42 replies the very next morning!

For the last 19 years, she has been teaching Spanish and speaking to homeschool students weekly in a classroom setting, most recently at the Community Homeschool Center in Bryan, Texas. A happily married mother of five children, Senora Gose is a small business owner, as well as a founder and board member of the Community Homeschool Center.

She lives with her family on a 15-acre farm in central Texas with goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and rabbits.She thoroughly enjoys teaching her weekly Spanish classes, supporting homeschool endeavors of the community in any way possible, and striving to keep a happy, well-organized home.

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