48 Housekeepers And Hospitality Workers Share Crazy Stories From Their Jobs

When you go on vacation, all you want is to take your mind off things. The work, the problems, the what ifs, and what nows. Hotels and resorts feel like a safe place, and how could they not be?

But the staff members of holiday facilities see everything that happens here under a magnifying glass. The people that come in and out, the drama that happens, the secrets that are supposed to stay there, the good and the ugly.

So today we looked at various Reddit threads to find out exactly what crazy, weird, and insane things sometimes happen behind closed hotel doors that visitors have little clue about.


My mom was a hotel general manager and I basically grew up in hotels.

The worst was a man who hung himself in the hotel room. On Christmas Eve. He'd driven through the night to see his kids for Christmas, and his ex wouldn't let him see them. So he went back to his hotel room and hung himself.

My mom is still traumatized over finding his body. After that, she organized a party in the hotel lobby for every Christmas eve and always invited all the guests, to try to get people out of their rooms and lift their spirits if they were spending Christmas in the hotel.

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I worked front desk and when anyone calls 911 from any room it notifies me. I called the room and a young boy picked up and was sobbing. He told me his dad hit him and he was scared. I told him to come down to the front desk and I would hide him until the police got there. His nose was bledding and face swollen, he had to be about twelve and I hid him in the GM' s office. The father came down looking for him and and I lied and said I had not seen any kids. The police handled it after that.
Another time a woman came in using her credit card buwould not check in until I promised I would not tell her husband she was there. She said he would hurt her if he found her. He must have found the hotel on his bank statement and called over and over again asking for a woman by her name and I just said we had no one by that name. Hotels can be intense places to work...

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My uncle works at a very upscale restaurant on a very well-to-do and desirable vacation island in the Atlantic Ocean. One of their regular customers is a billionaire oil guy. My uncle has told me that this guy always arrives on a yacht that tows a smaller yacht, and the smaller yacht is still big enough to have a helicopter. He also demands to have his dogs seated at the table with him, where he feeds them foie gras and expensive water. One time, the resort owner got a call from health inspectors saying they'd received a complaint that dogs were seen eating in the restaurant. All the owner did was say the billionaire's name and the health inspector just responded, 'Oh okay, bye.'

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I used to work part-time at a ski resort. One of the co-workers, Jack, used to spread a rumor of the headless skier. It was a hit spot for tourists, so there was always new people coming in and out, and he would always drop a subtle comment about him. Most people would have a laugh at it, sometimes it would freak the kids out, but most people just took it as a joke. This went on for a while, but Jack wanted to up his game. He was a decent skier himself, so he started wearing an oversized turtleneck sweater to cover up his head, and would ski around outside the resort at night (quick warning, don't try this, he crashed more than once), anyway, it was a hoot. One night he was doing his usual routine, skiing around as the headless skier, but he hit a slope a bit too hard and lost control. There was nothing we could do, he was going too fast. At the bottom of the slope was a small building which was currently in renovation, so there was a heap of construction equipment laying around. Jack came to a stop as the pipe collided with his head, decapitating him instantly. (Kidding), He came slowly and safely to a stop, but now we have the origin of how the headless skier lost his head

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The housekeeping staff at the hotel I used to work at would put all the dildo's they found in a box. It was a tradition to wrap the box and give it to the boss (female) at the Christmas party.

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At luxury ski resorts, the best thing to do is to hike up underneath a chairlift. It's usually just poles, gloves, and such, but these days, with all the advances in technology, you can find some sweet gear

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I worked front desk at a hotel and one guy brought in a mini-propane grill and started grilling chicken in his room.

We found out when the whole hall started to smell delicious. Unfortunately we had to make him stop.

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Top three:

1. Painted landscapes across three of the four walls. In s**t. Surprisingly talented.

2. Used condoms placed over every light bulb in the room. Discovered when the condoms started to burn.

3. Had an employee give out the wrong keys to a room. Parents gave the keys to small children. They ran ahead and opened the door. Inside was a couple performing bdsm, complete with ball gag and crop.

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I was on a cruise to the Bahamas when I came across an unlocked piano.
Sat down and made +$100 in tips before being chased away by an angry pianist.

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Onetime I picked up sweatpants, thinking it was a hoodie, to bring down to lost and found. When I picked it up, blood covered panties fell out. You couldn't even see the original color of those things, it was all blood. I don't understand why people choose to be disgusting instead of THROWING IT AWAY.

Also, I saw the lady leaving the room to check out. It was a grown a*s woman. Lazy, gross...I don't know.

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Nothing too outlandish, but when I was in highschool I worked for a Super 8 in a small town in Wisconsin. People came from all over during hunting season and the S8 was pretty much the only place around.
I entered a room and was assaulted by a terrible rooting meat smell. I checked all the trash, nothing. As I started taking down the bed, I made the mistake of flapping the knot of blankets and sheets to try to separate them. A turkey carcass flew up out of the mangled bedding and smashed into my face. As putrid, stinking, slimy, turkey juices dripped down my face I threw up all over the bed and ran into the shower and turned it on to rinse.

I quit that day.

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Did maintenance for a hotel for a few months. The owner and his wife both were involved in the business. I walked into a room where the curtain rod was torn down. In there was the owner and our 18 year old front desk worker. He gave me $2000 cash to not tell his wife.

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Not a housekeeper, but... we went to a Lions game and had the cheap-a*s of the group plan everything, including the hotel. At $80 a room in downtown Detroit, we walk into the lobby to a 5'3" black guy that has a leash and spiked chain around this probably 5'10" white girl with piggy tails, who's probably 300+ pounds.

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Since there aren't many replies, I have a few I guess. I'm front desk in a hotel. My favorite was when I wasn't working (I actually just got off my shift) when a large wedding party came back late at night absolutely trashed and eventually they all went to their rooms. A while later, the current desk person gets a call to the 4th floor immediately.

Turns out, one woman's boyfriend locked her drunk a*s out of the room...completely naked. Not one to complain, she decided to sleep it off on the couches we put in the elevator areas on each floor. Still naked. My coworker went and put a blanket on her and she woke up and said she was going to sue. She peed on the couch and threw up on it, but eventually got back into her room. The next morning she was so embarrassed she ran past the front desk to leave.

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hotel maintenance. a dead guy.

i had to smash up and scrap out his furniture, and put his bed back in storage.

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Not a big thing but something I will always remember.

I worked as a housekeeper in a four star hotel. It was quite an expensive place and we often had rich guests from the Middle East (this is relevant). The hotel, of course, had a spa area, and it was my duty to close this area around 10PM, meaning to shoo the last guests out of the pool and sauna, clean everything and close it.

One time I went to see if there were any guests still in the sauna, and when I opened the door there was a woman and man (I assume they were husband and wife) sitting inside - he was naked, only with a towel around his waist, and she was *fully veiled*, wearing a head-to-toe chador, inside a 90°C sauna.

Needless to say I was surprised. I don't care about religious clothing rules, to each his own I guess, but sitting *inside a sauna* fully veiled surely made me raise my eyebrows a little.

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I worked with a woman who was the head of housekeeping for a large hotel in the area who told me this story..

There was this woman and her daughter who were local but checked in the hotel for a few days. One of the housekeepers comes to service the room one morning while the mom is outside by the pool. The housekeeper walks in and finds the girl in bed with blood everywhere.

Turns out the girl came to town to have an abortion and mom needed to hide it from dad. The girl started hemorrhaging in her sleep(while mom was already outside the room) and the housekeeper actually found her in time to save her life.

The housekeeper was too distraught after all was said and done to clean the room(I can't remember if she quit).. another housekeeper was brought in to finish.

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I worked in a hotel briefly and while i didn't see it (thankfully) i heard about this the next day:

Owner was a d**k. Hotel was in an amazing location, and built to great standards, but he let the entire building languish for decades.
It's like if someone took a hundred year old, 4 star hotel and turned it into a highway rest stop.

This f*****g guy was all about the money. Cheap as s**t.
single ply TP, discount pool chemicals, cheap as s**t soap, all sorts of hidden fees and overpriced room service.

one day, a teenage girl is working the counter. it's her first week, and she's just ecstatic to be at the desk.

dude comes in and rents the penthouse suite for the night.
He's alone, but he seems nice and his card clears, so whatever.

Later into the evening she's getting ready to leave when *SMACK*
The dude jumped from the penthouse balcony and landed ten yards from her desk in the parking lot.

Obviously, she's beside herself, having just witnessed a man leap to his death and hit the ground like a sack of tomatoes.

As the housekeepers try to console her, The owner walks in a huff.
He looks at the shellshocked teenager and the corpse in the parking lot and his first words are:

**Well, Did he pay upfront?**


Former hotel manager here. Check under your mattress if you stay in a hotel because odds are the housekeepers aren't bothering to lift up the mattress like they should. After you've lifted said mattress go ahead and enjoy the copious amounts of porn that are left there for you.

Seriously, people leave adult magazines and DVDs under those mattresses all the time. Quite often it's a regular guest who requests the same room and it's just their stash because they know the small Nepalese housekeeper won't lift the mattress even a little bit.

EDIT: Apparently some of you are taking the "enjoy copious amounts of free porn" as a literal statement. It was meant to be sarcastic as (at least for myself anyway) handling some strangers random porn for my own personal pleasure just seems unappealing.

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Which situation should I share? Alright, so a few girls and myself team up and clean these cottages for a state park. I usually clean bathrooms cause the girls don't wanna and I'd rather do it cause f**k it, just bleach everything and not have to worry about if s**t in the kitchen is missing. Anyway, cleaning the bathroom when I hear my coworker gag and tell me to come in the bedroom. I walk in and instantly smell something more foul than a chicken house. Look at the bed and there is a blood stain almost four feet wide crotch level center of the bed...

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One of my coworkers was vacationing in Mexico and decided buying weed was a good idea....and leaving said weed in a backpack in his hotel room. When they returned to their room, cops were rushing in and out of the room. They began to panic because they were sure they got busted for pot and were headed to a Mexican jail. The cops asked if this was their room and rushed them in. They told the guys to pack-up and that they were getting a new room. The room was a dark, so my friend opened the blinds. Someone had jumped from their balcony and landed on theirs...thus exploding all over the glass door.
Edit: changed "busted with cop" to "busted with pot"

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A lot of regular stuff like destroyed toilets, drunken shenanigans (kebab locked in a hotel safe for a couple weeks.), and people passed out in hallways but the stories I tell most often are:

Vast quantity of clear liquid dripping from the ceiling of a 5* hotel bedroom ceiling. Oh s**t! A leak! Call the maintenance guy! Nah, it was lube.

Couple in a double room requested clean towels/bedding, knock loudly, announce "housekeeping", a guy's voice shouts "sure, come in!" and when I open the door he's standing right in front of the door with his girlfriend blowing him. I apologize and start backing away. She keeps right on going. I was kind of envious of her concentration skills.

In a hostel made up of mostly dorm rooms with those false ceiling tiles that can be lifted up we got complaints of noises in the roof throughout the day, each time I went to investigate there was nothing in the room and no noise while I was there. This happened several times until I went into one room and found a wonky ceiling tile. So I climbed onto a top bunk and lifted the tile up. Just inside I found an empty half of vodka. I looked around and about three feet away is a stinking drunk, stinking backpacker staring at me. He'd been scampering around in the roof like a giant rat for the whole day. I shouted at him to get down and ended up grabbing him by the ankle until he gave in and slithered down onto the bed.

People do crazy s**t in hotels man. Some of the lost property is pretty good too: dildos, vibrators, a lamp, a cardboard cutout of a male stripper, a surfboard, two scuba tanks.


Used to work part time for a cleaning company. We used to find all sorts of s**t. We used to find positive pregnancy tests all the time but didn't want to congratulate them. Sometimes we knew before the husbands even knew. Things like bongs and other drug paraphernalia in teenagers rooms. My favorite story to tell is when this sweet old lady asked us to clean because her son was visiting. She was telling us how her son brought home his friend (male) from college. When cleaning the room he was staying in we found a tube of astroglide. I don't think she knew her son was gay and I sure as he'll didn't have the heart to tell her.

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I wasn't the housekeeper but I was the Front Desk Manager at a nearby hotel...

Walked into work one January morning at 6:50am, like usual. The gentleman who was our night auditor told me that he was happy to see me because he was about to call the police. I asked why and that is when the most unusual, strange, and frightening experience I've ever had while working the several years in the hotel business unraveled.

In the dining room there was a very large man passed out in his bowl of oatmeal. Quite literally his face in his bowl... I rushed over to him and I immediately recognized this man as one of two men that frequent the hotel every month on "business". I try waking him up, no use. Checked his pulse and all seemed to be fine but I was completely unable to get him to wake up so I yelled for the gentleman behind the desk to call 911.

Two minutes later two officers arrived at the hotel and I showed them to the man who looked rather lifeless in his bowl of oatmeal. The cops both attempted to wake him to which they were able. Keep in mind this man was about 6'4 and quite large...he jumps up and starts screaming "Oh s**t! Oh S**t! I just f*****g fell asleep. What the f**k is this all over me?!" The cops replied that he passed out in his breakfast and asked him if he'd had any drugs or alcohol in his system to which he replied "Alright, you caught me. I might have done some blow last night. Okay, maybe more than some." The cops came back and asked me if I would direct them back to his room so they could check on the man who was staying there as well.

Two minutes after I gave them a room key they called to the front desk and requested that I come up. I knew something was weird but I did not expect what I walked into:

* Every piece of furniture was broken.
* They used the lamps to cook their drugs... I was young, naive, and clueless and knew nothing about that until the cop told me.
* They took massive shits in the bathtub... then smeared the s**t all over the walls.
* They had a gerbil running around the room.
* They had several sex toys laying around the room.

The second guy was nowhere to be found.

I pulled up the security footage that showed that he'd left the building at a quarter past 3am... and they ended up arresting the other.

Two housekeepers quit that morning after refusing to touch the room.

The second guy came back around 1 in the afternoon and I had the misfortune of having to call the police, ban him from the property, and listen to his threats of "shoving a f*****g rocket" up **my** a*s.

Never experienced anything quite like that again...


I'm not a worker for a hotel or what have you, but my room mate used to work as one and told me stories where they cleaned up a room once and found someone had s**t into empty bottles and placed them behind radiators.

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This is a story I will never forget and happy to share.

This woman at the hotal bar started drinking to much and she was also with her boss and colleagues. She was probably about 30 and really pretty but she started to get angry and started cussing because we cut her off. She wouldn't stand for this blasphemy and instead of just going up stairs by herself to her room and just tearing apart the mini fridge like Denzel from "Flight" she decided to take the high road.

Long story short, she punched her boss in the face and then took off around the hotel. Now, the hotel is oval shaped so she was basically doing laps. Every time she ran past the bar she would run screaming and giving the middle finger to all her colleagues. Some staff started chasing her and we called the cops. On one of her last laps, she ran up squatted down in her skirt and started taking the biggest s**t. I mean she literally squatted looked up and had the same face of the girl from the Exorcist and just shat all over the floor. This vile pile of disgusting fury rushed out of her a*s and the whole time she was just screaming at the top of her lungs and also was kind of barking like a dog. She was doing this in front of everyone at the bar including everyone she works with. Then she just stood up and started running again as s**t was still streaming down her leg.

At this point, none of her colleagues were saying anything and they were just staring in awe. As I was behind the bar laughing historically, I remember her boss just so calmly saying "Well, that b***h is fired". The laughing continued from the staff side. All the colleagues were as quiet as a funeral. The stench by the way was repulsive. She was arrested, obviously. Ooo yeah, and the boss left the entire staff a great tip.

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I worked for a small golf resort for several years and this story still burns hole is my brain every time I tell it. So we have these small hotel rooms that contain two beds and a bathroom. I serviced (fresh towels, ect.) it for three days and everything was normal. On check out day, six men checked out. I seen them meet up with their wives/gfs (who weren't staying with them) at the front desk as I was clocking in. I walk in to the unit after they left and there was s**t and blood smeared everywhere! The walls, the sheets, the shower, and even the t.v. There were about 20 condoms laying out on the heater attached to the wall. As I was removing the sheets to throw them away two butt plugs with condoms still on them flopped out on the floor and one started vibrating. It had to be the most disturbing mess I had to clean up. And when I notified the front desk/ manager he refused to bill them for leaving such a huge mess to clean up and he said "This is a place where people come to relax. If they want to let loose then so be it" I was so mad!

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I used to work in a park with facilities for the campers that had to be cleaned every morning. One morning, the janitor, we'll call him Jose, comes in to work and starts by cleaning the bathrooms. When he comes to the men's bathroom, a ranger sees him go in, come back out, put on a hazmat suit, and go back in. This actually wasn't as abnormal as you'd think, considering we'd get a lot of weirdos doing poop art on the walls. Anyways, Jose finishes up, and heads over to the next set of campsites. Later that day, some campers find a body in the woods right behind the bathroom. Sure enough, dude had been stabbed to death in the bathroom. Police were not happy with Jose.

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Not a housekeeper, but a supervisor at a hotel. Two weeks ago I get a call in the middle of the night from one of the bellmen telling me he needs help. I throw on some clothes and run over (I live across the street) to find a drunk guy passed out in one of the lobby bathroom stalls amongst the single most foul odor I have ever smelled. Couldn't remember his room or who he was with.. Turns out he had decided to take a s**t in the hallway and then fell in it, smearing it all over himself and the floor. Ended with me having to call the police and him calling me mean. That was actually the second time a drunk guy pooped in our hallway.

Also, a housekeeper once found a prostitutes "menu" of the services she performed. As well as a bag full of dildos.

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My wife did room service for a resort hotel, and often served sports stars with no idea who they were (the hotel liked it this way; fanboyism was cause to be immediately fired).

Best story was when Tiger Woods was blowing up and getting super famous. He pops up on the tv and my wife says "I know that a*****e!" Turns out she delivered lunch to his room about a year before, and his dad flipped s**t when my wife tried to get a tip. The food was for his dad, and Tiger just sat there eating Lucky Charms and watching Looney Tunes like nobody else was in the room. They stiffed her on the tip, then Earl got offended and screamed obscenities at her until she left empty-handed. She said Tiger never acknowledged her or the scene.


We had one room in a large hotel that smelled terrible and the housekeeper couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. I went up to check out the room and there was a HUGE ( did not look human) pile of feces sitting on the window sill behind the curtains. The guy swore it wasn't him and refused added charges.

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I used to work front desk at a resort and once in a while I'd have to be the runner and go around delivering gifts and packages to guest's rooms. The protocol was to knock, say "Front desk delivery" and wait, then repeat twice more. If no one answered then you can enter and leave the package or gift basket on the hallway table.

One time after the knocks and calling out no one answered and I entered cautiously, and said "Hello, it's front desk delivery, I'm just leaving a basket on the hall table," and I walked in. No one replied, so I went to put the basket on the table but in order to get there I had to walk past the bathroom. The door was open and I looked in and got a full frontal of a man coming out of the tub. He looked at me, I ran past, dropped the basket on the table and scurried out without looking into the bathroom. He later called the back room and someone confirmed that a runner was sent up to leave a gift. I had already mentioned to everyone what I witnessed. I got laughed at.

That wasn't the creepiest but it was the most embarrassing for me.

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I worked for a hotel on a small tourist island off the coast of Long Beach, Ca. Every Monday the ferry would unload around 30 Mexican men. They would all wait in the hotel lobby for a bit and then seemingly disappear. I later discovered there was a door to a room that was not included on the hotel fire escape maps they put on the door in every room. Sure enough one day I caught a glimpse behind the mysterious door and saw a room crammed full of bunk beds and illegal immigrants.

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One time, as a kid, my family was traveling for a soccer tournament in Missoula, Montana. We left late on a friday night and arrived even later at the Super 8 in Missoula, so we went straight to bed. Since we were pretty small my sister and I were sharing a bed and my parents in the other bed. When my family got up my mom decided for some reason that she should take the sheets off to make the beds. That's when we noticed that there was a giant blood stain right in the center of the bed that my sister and I shared. It appeared to come from a woman who was experiencing the special time of the month. I will never stay at a Super 8 again.


Aw, man -- I'm way too late, but here it is:

I called out "housekeeping," and he called me inside. Old man tourist was in the bathroom, naked, with a newspaper and s******g on the can. I apologize and leave, meanwhile he's waving the paper at me going "No, no -- it's okay, it's okay!"

"No, dude. It's really not."


Not housekeeper but worked at a five star hotel. Old old man rams the gate of the hotel to this full VIP conference. Security almost shoot him, realise he is someone important. Kick the ceo of this big telecommunications group out of the executive suite, old man phones at 3am, says ''there has been an accident'' we arrive to a s**t covered room. God knows how he managed to make such a mess. We moved him to the only other room we had available, a disable friendly room. Next day check out comes, he does not want to check out. We need the room, we ask if he's alright, he says he's sick, we ask if we can assist him, he declines. After 13:00, few board member execs go down to try and get him to come with them. Find the room shat to high heaven! He caused $12000 worth of damage during his stay.

TL;DR: old man rams gate of hotel, subsequently goes on to s**t two bedrooms in glorious fashion!


The women with the dog. I went in to clean the room while they were still there, but they said it was fine so I stayed.

I went into the bathroom and everything had about an inch thick of dog fur on it. The bath was full of dog fur. They were sitting outside drinking tea and chatting, like nothing happened. I couldn't believe they weren't even a bit embarrassed.

This or the couple who answered the door in their underwear. Not that bad, but they were so awkward. I'd waited and there was no answer so I was just about to go in when they answered the door both there half dressed. I asked if they wanted me to come back and she said "We were sleeping!"

"That's fine, I'll come back later."

"We were sleeping!"
Sure they were.


Damn, I'm late to the thread! I spent close to 5 years as a housekeeper, first at a dingy motel, and then at a 5 star resort. **The things that I saw at the dingy motel don't have s**t (literally) on the nastiness I had to deal with while cleaning at the resort.**

The worst thing had to be cleaning up after a couple who decided to give each other enemas in the bathroom. While making the bed in the master bedroom, I noticed a large puddle on the floor of the connecting bathroom. As I got closer, I caught a very distinct whiff of s**t. It didn't take me long to realize that the puddle was actually s**t-tinged water. At first, I thought the toilet had overflowed and I was going to have to call maintenance. I pulled out my walkie-talkie and went over to inspect the toilet. Only, the toilet was fine.
So I stand there for a minute, trying to figure out where this poo-water was coming from. That's when I noticed a small tube poking out of the shower. So I pulled back the curtain to further inspect the tube, and found an enema kit. I guess the luxury walk-in shower wasn't roomy enough for these people, because they decided to void their water-filled bowels all over the f*****g floor. The resulting s**t-water had soaked into a pile of towels that were conveniently left in a heap in the corner, as well as the decorative throw rugs. I had to radio for a bio bag and throw everything in the dumpster. But hey, at least their poop chutes were immaculate!

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I worked at a seven story hotel in Illinois and one night a man tried to climb out a 7th story window to the roof, a real daredevil. He fell to his death and the scene that followed was one of the most WTF moments of my life, and really changed my perception of people in general. It turned out that while climbing out the window his girlfriend tickled him, causing him to fall. Later, when outside, she screamed that over and over, "I didn't mean to make him fall, I was only tickling him." I thought she would die just crying. In their panic, the 4 remaining people in the room took the elevator to the basement, instead of the ground floor and proceeded to punch holes in the wall because they were so stoned and wasted they couldn't find their way out. One got out but the rest were down there for over an hour. When the woman finally got outside, where I headed after calling the police, she literally clawed at me and begged me to do CPR in spite of a gusher of blood coming out of his mouth, he was obviously done. It was a confusing and chaotic night after that, I was the manager on duty and so I was the one who let the police into the room. I watched the police chaplain gather up all the drugs and paraphernalia into a shopping bag, and he did a thorough search, too. There was tons of it, more drugs than I have ever seen before or since. It took hours to clean everything up and the last thing to happen was the fire department hosing the blood away.

What was so WTF that changed my view on people? The official police report stated that drugs were suspected to play a role but none were found in the room. It was just stated that man fancied himself a daredevil and others in the room didn't notice he was gone for several minutes. All total lies. I'll never believe another police report as long as I live. I'll never believe another news story, even a small one. What happened and what was reported were so different I wondered if something had happened at another hotel the same night.

So, not a fun, funny story, but one of the most WTF nights of my life.

Edited to add: No, I was never interviewed by the police other than giving them the information given at check in, and no, was never interviewed by a reporter. I even called the paper a few days later and asked if they were interested in what really happened, they were sort of "meh" and never got back to me. What a disconnect from reality. This was just a small incident in a huge city, now when I see major stories on major news sites I can't help to think the misinformation must increase exponentially.


I worked as a Night Auditor for a small town chain hotel in the early 1990's. On night a nicely dressed business man checked in on my shift. He came back up to the desk a few minutes later and rented a few movies (we had VCRs in the rooms back then). One of the movies was The Hunt for Red October (just came out on video). The evening went pretty uneventful, but the next night when I came to work I received the news. Sometime during my shift he had blown his head of with a large handgun while in his bed. No-one heard or saw this happen, and he was found by a maid about 1PM the next day, and he had bled out. Because all of the maids were Haitian, none of them would clean up the mess. I went into the room and could see the huge pool of blood on the bed and the floor. It took them over a week to clean the room, it smelled terrible. As it turned out, the blood leaked under the floor and under the bed in the adjoining room, that we still rented out, without knowing there was coagulated blood on the floor. We just kept airing the room out and spaying a lot of air freshener. To this day I have never seen The Hunt for Red October.


A story from my aunt who manages a hotel.

"A lady came in one day and asked if I could check on her 18 year old son because he had been going through some rough times and she hadnt hear from him. I told her to stay in my office while I checked because I was worried what i would find. I opened the door to his room and he was laying on the floor like a wax figurine. There were needles everywhere so I assumed he overdosed. I then had to go tell this kids mom that she her son was dead."



Obligatory not me, but my friend works at the Four Seasons in NYC and Jennifer Lopez rented 2 rooms there with Marc Anthony. He was doing security on the floor when Diddy came through and they let him in her room. After a few minutes he heard the loudest moans and Diddy yelling "you're a dirty b***h ain't ya?!?" All of a sudden Marc Anthony comes back, hears it and starts going crazy. He banging doors and throwing s**t and had to be calmed down near the elevators. At this point Diddy comes scurrying out of the room, winks at my friend and takes the Fire Exit at the end of the hall. From then on it was the Do-A-Diddy room to the staff

Edit: He said Anthony was pissed but not "my wife is cheating on me" type of shock. Not that it matters but the impression my buddy got was this wasn't the first time he came back to Diddy banging his wife.


Throwaway cause f**k it.

My time to shine.

I wasn't ever a housekeeper, but I worked in a hostel for 1-2 years so I was in dorms a lot. Some things that come to mind:

- Taking the nicest most timid Nepalese (rare to see backpacking) couple to their dorm, walk in on full on group sex between 4 american girls and 3 brits I had just checked in an hour previously. The groups didnt check in together and didnt know each other. That escalated quickly.

- the complaints of noises coming from the group of deaf tourists staying in a big dorm was funny. The deafies didnt know they were in a group dorm with non-deaf people. Two deaf couples started banging thinking noone could hear their moans.

- two guys turned a smaller dorm room into a gay sex den over the winter. They knew someone who worked there and they got this one apartment blocked off on a floor that was being renovated. stumbled upon a bed covered in sex toys and a large potted plant.

- took a girl upstairs to my dorm/room thingy, left her passed out as i wanted to go out, came back and she had pissed all over the bed next to mine, she was still in the pissy bed. no idea why she moved.

- walked in on israeli army soldier sex. we got a lot of israeli army kids on leave and kids who were about to do their service so they partied like mad. saw one of the girls in uniform just getting nailed on the floor of an empty dorm room.

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Not me, but a customer where I work.

The guy is the maintenance/property manager of an apartment in the city I live in that is 55+ only. So many of the occupants are seniors. A couple weeks after Christmas a few people contacted him about a smell that was filling the the hallway and some of the apartments on one of the floors. After knocking on a few doors he narrowed his search down to a unit that A) smelled terrible and B) there was no answer after attempting to contact several times.The police were called and upon entering the room they along with the manager discover a human puddle, sitting in a chair surrounded by beer cans and cigarette butts. He must have died while a lot of the people in the building were away doing Christmas stuff with family and nobody noticed they hadn't seen him for almost a month.

The body was removed and this maintenance man / apartment manager was given the job of making the unit livable again. He ordered a big metal dumpster and filled it with the chair and fluid soaked carpet. He told me that for almost a month after that flies kept appearing in the unit, It smelled so bad that they would lay eggs basically anywhere.


Never worked at a hotel, but delivered pizza there.

This one time this guy orders a pizza in the most run-down motel in town. I go out there. He says 'come on in'. I usually will not go INSIDE places but for whatever reason I took one step in.

There's a girl sitting in a haze on the bed - like non responsive staring - wearing only underwear.

I got my money and leave, not saying anything. I get half way to the car and the guy leans out and say 'hey' and gestures for me to come back.

I'm a little nervous at this point as he's hanging out of his door (could have a gun in his other hand?) and only approach half way. He comes all the way out with more money (thankfully not a gun) and says 'here, have a little extra tip. The whore gave me a discount when she saw the size of my d**k' with a big ole' smile on his face. (I'm not sure if the discount is because it was big or small?)

Now I knew full well that I shouldn't have touched this nasty drugged out prostitute and sleazy guy money... but of course I did.


There's an Indian casino near me, that was originally just a casino. They then built a hotel. As a soft opening they invited tribe members and their families to stay for the weekend, just to work out any problems before they opened to the public.

As it turns out, they had to re-renovate an entire floor of the hotel because they found 15 out of the 23 rooms on one floor turned into makeshift meth labs over these 2 days. All of the people that stayed in these rooms were family members of the people that worked at the casino. It was swept under the rug and nothing ever came of it.


Hope i'm not to late to the party. My family owns and operates a 3 star motel in a decently big city in New England. I've spent 14 of my 25 years living here, so many weird/odd/wtf things have been witnessed by my brother and I. When I was about 15 we had hired a full time maintenance guy that lived on property and was on call 24/7. Spring and summers are very busy times due to conventions and the like so he as a welcome addition to the staff/family (most of our staff has been with us for 10+ years, and we treat them like it too).

The maintenance guy, we'll call him Mike, was a hard working, no nonsense straight to the point yes man. As a kid i never really paid attention to the numerous "odd" tattoos on his body, or the gold teeth, or his love of chains. To me he was the guy who was awesome since he always helped me practice my bball skills. One day out of the blue he says he needs a few days off to go handle some "personal business". A few days after he leaves we got a call from a detective asking if Mike is on the property, to which my dad replies he went out for a bit. Within ten minutes of the call we have a swat team busting into his room and raiding the place.

Turns out Mike was a former gang banger who had numerous arrest warrants out on him. He had run away with his girlfriend who was a twenty something at the time, and her parents had known o their relationship. So when the girl didn't come home one night the called the cops. The swat team found automatic assault rifles, a sawed off shotgun, and numerous handguns under his bed, along with a huge wad of cash.

**TL;DR** childhood spent living at a motel, basketball mentor was a former gang banger with maad guns under his bed. Could have killed us all.

**Edit:** Mike was a very nice guy, i like to believe we were his new start. Kind of like Freddy from House of Cards. I have no idea where he is right now, but I hope he is safe and well and not rotting in a jail cell.


When I was 16 I worked at a Hotel In Las Vegas doing housekeeping. Three males booked a room earlier that day at about 11, and had checked in immediately. They asked me for extra towels, and thinking nothing of it I handed it to them. As I continued my cleaning, I get to a room. Standard procedure when a room is occupied or booked is to knock three times and then go in. I knocked several times and didn't hear a thing so I walked in. I immediately saw Two of the guys 69'ing while the other f****d the one on top in the a*s. The only thing I was able to say was "Did you guys want your room cleaned?" They all jumped off the couch and covered themselves in the towels they were using to have sex on. The manliest one simply says "f**k no we don't" and I slammed the door and walked out.

I'm 99% sure they checked out a few hours after and only booked the room for their threesome.

Tl;dr - Walked in on a gay three some and still asked them if they wanted their room cleaned.