20 Best YouTube Channels You Need To Follow

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. According to recent studies, YouTube has over 2.68 billion active users worldwide, with over 122 million people visiting the site on a daily basis. To put that in perspective, about 52% of all internet users access YouTube at least once a month. Keeping the statistics going, there are over 51 million YouTube channels, so no matter what you are interested in, there is sure to be a video that tickles your fancy. But with so many channels and creators it can become overwhelming, so we are here to help out with a selection of some of the best YouTube channels that are worth subscribing to. 

These channels cover a gamut of topics and subjects, from video games and science to movies and daily news. We’ve even thrown in some funny YouTube channels to break things up so it’s not all learning. This article is a crash course in the best YouTube channels and includes famous content creators and social media stars and iconic publications pushing digital media into a new era, along with random channels that enable you to escape from your everyday life for a few minutes. 

20 Best YouTube Channels You Need To Follow



1. TED

Technology, Entertainment, and Design, better known as TED, is the name given to an organization that shoots short 18-minute or less (in most cases) talks with people from all walks of life. The first TED talks were posted on June 27, 2006, and quickly racked up the views, with the most-watched having millions of views. 

While there are videos hidden behind a paywall, for the most part, TED talks are free, with some of the best including lectures given by Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Pamela Meyer

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2. Good Mythical Morning

For over a decade YouTubers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have been hosting the online chat and variety show Good Mythical Morning. The comedy series finds the duo taking part in all sorts of silly skits and games, often with a special guest involved. Some of the famous faces to have made an appearance include rapper Post Malone, actor and comedian Bill Hader, and fellow YouTuber PewDiePie. 

One part of the show fans really love is the weekly taste tests where the duo chow down on a variety of weird creations and give their verdict on topics such as “Who makes the best fries?” and the “Will It Ravioli? Taste Test,” where they try ice cream flavored ravioli. 

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3. National Geographic 

National Geographic first started as a magazine in 1988, with its first issue released on September 22. Since then the magazine has turned into a global entity that includes a television network, documentary films, an online website, and a massive YouTube channel.

With over 21.5 million subscribers, the channel is regularly watched by those who care about the planet and want to learn more about the Earth and everything that lives on it. Having assembled a world-class team of scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, the channel presents incredible mini-docos about the world around us. There are even several series of documentaries narrated by famous folks such as Morgan Freeman and Bear Grylls. 

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4. RSA

The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA) is based in London and has been leading the way in innovative and world-changing art and design for over 260 years. Its YouTube channel has everything from animated shorts and interviews with artists to live streams and TED talks. 

The channel got a fair bit of exposure when comedian Lee Evans posted on Twitter about the society, writing, “The Royal Society of Arts here in the UK had a series… of short talks on important subjects presented in a way that makes it easier to follow (animated sketches with voiceover).”

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5. Kurzgesagt


If you want to learn about science and the world in a fun and exciting way then this is the channel for you. Founded by Philipp Detmer, Kurzgesagt features hundreds of amazing animated videos explaining everything from “Optimistic Nihilism” to “What Happens if a Supervolcano Blows Up?

The information in each video is fact-checked by a team of researchers and links to sources are provided with each video so you can dig a little deeper. What makes these videos great is the combination of Steve Taylor’s riveting narration and the funky animation that often uses cute animals and small children to get the message across. 

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6. Mr. Beast

The richest YouTuber in the world is also one of the most followed. Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has one of the most watched and interesting channels that is a must-follow. The 24-year-old began his YouTube journey over a decade ago posting gamer videos before getting noticed after a clip of him counting to 100,000 went viral. 

Now Mr. Beast entertains his 148 million followers by shooting content where he completes challenges and gives away millions of dollars in prize money and gifts. He created his own Squid Games with a $456,000 cash prize and has set up several more spin-off channels showcasing his love of gaming and philanthropic endeavors.  

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7. Khan Academy

While many people use YouTube as a way to pass the time, it is a vital learning tool in the modern world. Khan Academy is one of the better channels that provides hundreds of educational videos for students that are all free. The non-profit organization has videos covering a large number of subjects and topics, including math, biology, chemistry, grammar, physics, history, economics, finance, and more.

Along with the handy YouTube channel, Khan Academy’s website provides even more details for not only students but also educators, districts, and parents. With a mission to offer “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere,” Khan Academy is doing a fantastic job in educating the world, with its YouTube channel an awesome resource. 

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8. Girlfriend Reviews

There are plenty of video game review channels on YouTube, but one of our favorites is run by boyfriend and girlfriend Shelby and Matt. They use Girlfriend Reviews as a way to share their thoughts on new release titles in a comedic way that is both informative and funny. 

What makes the duo’s reviews great is their differing opinions, with Matt a big-time gamer and Shelby only a casual player. This means you get an unbiased review of each game, with reviews full of memes, pop culture references, and even the odd song or two. 

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9. English Addict With Mr Duncan

Learning English isn’t as easy as it seems, which is why the YouTube channel English Addict With Mr Duncan comes in handy. Mr Duncan has been posting videos since 2006 covering all aspects of the English language, from how to pronounce words to the type of grammar needed in certain situations. 

With over 82.1 million views, it’s safe to say people trust Mr Duncan’s informative and fun English lessons. As well as regularly posting videos, Mr Duncan holds a live class every Sunday at 2 pm UK time. 

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10. AlternateHistoryHub

What if Germany had won World War II? What if the Purge was real? What if Japan had converted to Christianity? These are just some of the questions posed by the YouTube channel AlternateHistory Hub.

As the channel’s description reads, AlternateHistoryHub is “an entire channel dedicated to the ‘What If?’ using knowledge of geography, population, and other historical facts that predict what could have happened had things gone differently in history.”

Cody Franklin’s channel is great for those who have an open mind about the world and understand how small moments can have a massive impact on life as we know it. The videos are super engaging and provide plenty of food for thought. 

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11. Veritasium 

Here’s another fantastic science YouTube channel that’s both informative and entertaining. Unlike other channels that just present the information in a video, founder Derek Muller often gets involved in the videos to demonstrate things, such as explaining concrete while being buried alive.

Watching Muller conduct experiments to answer scientific questions is great fun and makes learning about science that much more enjoyable. But it’s not all fun and games, with Muller also producing videos where he chats with famous people in the science world while also addressing serious issues and questions. 

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12. Coin Bureau

Cryptocurrency might have taken a hammering of late, but that doesn’t mean the new form of currency is dead. But knowing how to get started and what to buy isn’t easy. That’s where Coin Bureau comes in handy.

Guy, the Crypto Guy has been dealing in crypto since 2012, so he was on to it before it got big. Not only does he provide hints and tips when it comes to playing the market, but also looks at all the major events happening in the world of crypto and how they will impact your wallet. This a great YouTube channel for beginners and those who have been playing the market for several years. 

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13. Fitness Blender

Need to lose a few extra kilograms now summer is on its way? Check out Fitness Blender and you’ll be showing off your six-pack in no time. The creation of husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli, Fitness Blender has over 600 full-length workout videos suitable for all levels of fitness. 

As well as workout videos you can find playlists and question-and-answer videos, with Daniel and Kelli often taking questions from their subscribers and providing all the answers. If you are really keen you can sign up for the duo’s home workout videos, meal plans, and other extras at their website

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14. Ali Abdaal 

In a world where there is a greater emphasis on health and wellness, everyone is looking for a way to make their lives better. Ali Abdaal feels the same and is doing his best to share his thoughts, feelings, and life lessons with the common man, or woman.

As the description on his YouTube channel explains; “Hey, I’m Ali, a former doctor turned entrepreneur. On this channel, we explore evidence-based strategies and tools that can help us be more productive, and build a life that we love.” Pretty self-explanatory. 

Abdaal has created videos about how to become productive, passive income ideas, how to invest as a beginner, and many more. Not only are his ideas great, but Abdaal comes across as knowledgeable and very relatable, helping his advice come across as believable. 

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15. Tasty

BuzzFeed might be struggling on the news front but the media empire is still kicking goals when it comes to its YouTube food channel Tasty. Since its inception in 2016, the channel has become one of the leading food vlogs not only on YouTube but across all social media.

Whether you’re after a new recipe, tips from celebrity chefs, or food hacks, Tasty has you sorted. It has a number of different shows, including “I Draw, You Cook,” where chefs have to turn a picture into an actual meal, and “Make It Fancy,” where chef Rie McClenny is tasked by her guest to make a famous food item or dish, such as Pizza Rolls, fancy. 

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16. The Dodo

Animal videos still rule supreme, which is why The Dodo is such a popular channel. Since debuting in 2014, the channel has amassed over 13.5 million subscribers thanks to its hundreds of videos featuring all types of animals.

As lovers of animals, the majority of content posted shows animals being rescued and cared for by their owners. There is also plenty of cute animal spam with videos featuring dogs and cats living their best lives as well as plenty of tear-jerkers.  

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17. The Athletic Football Podcast

Over the past few years, The Athletic has become one of the leading sports publications in the world. While it does cover a wide crosssection of sports, football, or soccer as it’s commonly known here in the States, is one of the platform’s main areas of coverage.

The Athletic Football Podcast is an excellent source of information when it comes to the round ball, with the team of professionals delivering their opinions on the Premier League, Seria A, La Liga, MSL, and more via daily videos and short documentaries.

While it is English football heavy, there is still enough here for fans of other leagues. Otherwise, you can check out The Atheltic’s own YouTube page that covers every other sport you can think of. 

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18. Vox 

The tagline for Vox is; “Vox helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s driving events in the headlines and in our lives.” It’s hard to disagree if you spend any time on their YouTube channel. The media giant brings human stories to the masses combined with investigative journalism that always remains balanced. 

The channel has built a solid reputation for being a reliable source of information in the world of “fake news,” with the platform’s mini-docos easy to consume and chock full of information. Whether it’s current issues or forgotten moments in history, Vox has you covered. 

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19. Hot Ones

Part of the First We Feast YouTube Channel, Hot Ones is an incredibly simple idea for a YouTube channel. Host Sean Evans asks his celebrity guest ten questions while they eat chicken wings that get increasingly hotter. Genius. 

Evans is a natural host who has a disarming personality similar to Louis Theroux, which combined with his well-researched and personal questions, often catches his guests off-hand, getting them to open up like never before. There’s also the fact the hot wings could be messing with the guest’s minds, causing them to reveal more about themselves, but let’s give Evans some credit for his awesome interviewing skills. 

The list of guests reads like a who’s who of the entertainment world, with some of the recent big names including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jenna Ortega, LL Cool J, Anna Kendrick, Israel Adesanya, and Cate Blanchett. If you’re interested, check out our top ten Hot Ones episodes

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20. Wired 

The popular YouTube channel Wired is an offshoot of the technology-based magazine of the same name. With the tagline “Wired is where tomorrow is realized,” the YouTube channel covers all the important issues in the world of technology. Whether it’s games, virtual reality, SpaceX, or random videos about the best way to win the lotto, Wired has a plethora of videos that will blow your mind. 

One of the channel’s most famous series of videos is the Wired Autocomplete Interviews where famous celebrities answer the web’s most searched questions about themselves. 

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